Patrícia Vintém


I am a professional musician specialized in the Early Music field with a master degree on harpsichord. I got the chance to meet many talented musicians on my way, with which I have been performing in several festivals and concert venues all over Europe and Japan; recorded 5 CD’s some with world premieres; won several prizes and have been world-while radio broadcasting! More info in their pages.

It all started when I was still in my mom’s womb. She always believed that music had a greater impact on a baby’s intellectual development and on Human Beings in general. So there I was since early years hearing Bach and Mozart, who knows if for that reason I became such a music and math lover.

Sports and arts were two activities that were important on my parent’s education and that fact took me to enroll in a swimming team and the band’s music school of my hometown, Viana do Castelo, at the age of 6.

My musical path started with Solfége training, diving into the music academy to undertake the instrument course. Violin was the first choice, until I heard the sound of the harpsichord. First sight love! The practice of both instruments went side by side until I enrolled at the Superior School of Music in Lisbon. After finishing my degree there with Ana Mafalda Castro, I spread my wings and flu to further lands! The Netherlands received me for 6 intensively years of Early Music – harpsichord studies, with great musicians and maestros such as Jacques Ogg, Fabio Bonizonni and Enrico Gatti, offering me many artistic and career opportunities.

And here I am! Living in the Netherlands and pursuing my dream. My love for music, my passion for numbers, my strive for humanitarian matters and agility management link me to different projects and different roles such as musician on ensembles, music manager/agent, manager of distribution/promotion and accountant of an independent record label and publishing house, and secretary/treasurer of a cooperative for food rescuing and much more.

Learn more about my Music Studio – Manuel de Falla, or one of the groups I regularly perform with: Les Esprits Animaux and Scaramuccia. My work at the record label and publish house Snakewood Editions as head of the publicity and accountancy. Or about the cooperative to whom I work as volunteer as accountant – Eco&co.